The robbery

The burglars -Photo by MAED

A robbery is a very violent way of treating a person since it leaves her defenseless, deprived of intimate things, wallet, cell phone, and, in this case, outraged with a few blows in his face … surely her glasses will have to be replaced too … I hope all is ok in his relationship, if he has one, so he can get back home and have a few hugs.
While I am thinking about this, I am reaching the next main avenue. I decide to return to my usual route, and when I’m turning the corner, a taxi stops just behind me, and I see with amazement that the four subjects leave it…. I don’t wait to see what happens, I run away and get on the pedestrian bridge under the avenue, and while I go up the stairs, I decided to film them with my cell phone. I nervously prepare the camera and start recording them: they have their backs to me, and what I see impresses me. The calm with which they walk stunning me. They are two men, and two women, the couple in front is holding hands, and the man is wearing a cap — he is the same one I saw throwing punches, walking calmly as if he were a tourist, he had his good four punches in the face, but they were not noticeable. The other couple walked behind. I noticed that instead of a suitcase, they already had two!
Also, two of them were wearing red colors in their clothes. In my mind, the following thought appears: You have to be very sure of yourself or be too clumsy to steal with such a noticeable color.
I stop recording and start looking for a police officer to show him the recording, so the can arrest them: Stealing someone is one of the worst crimes in our society. As I continue to look, I see a police car parked, but no police in sight. I walk a little, and finally, I meet one, I tell him what happened, and I show him the video thinking that I was going to fly on the patrol and inform the other policemen to generate some kind of strategy and catch them. But, !oh surprise¡ Just watch the video and asks his superior what they can do, if they chase them or what? -and the officer who moves slower than a snail crossing the street- tells the policeman that is with me to give him the video and they go out to look for them. He says it with little conviction and no rush. I steadfastly passed the video and continue towards my work, absolutely frustrated by what happened…


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