A sublime moment

Photo by MAED on Unsplash

I hear the water in the distance, and a soft green hill is near the lake. It is peaceful, just an excellent place to relax. So I go into the garden and lie down. But I don’t like the sight; I can’t see the water, some reeds prevent me. I get up lazily and walk a few steps, I go back and try, it’s not the place either. I don’t feel impatient, I get up calmly and walk a few more meters. For the third time, I lie down, and I am satisfied: I see the lake now, and the hill has soft grass, smells of fresh herbs, and is warm.
I take off my glasses and look at the horizon: Mother! I think to myself, yes, I am almost blind. I leave the spectacles on the soft grass and put the headphones on one by one. I advance at the speed of quiet laziness, I press play, and what a great song! I lie on my back and see in the perfect sky, an airplane that passes at the right distance to see it well and hear it in the distance. I close my eyes, feel the soft sun roasting one side of my face. I enjoy it. i let myself be carried away by the pleasant sensation.
A while later, I feel the temperature drop. I think a storm is coming, and I open one of my eyes, and I still see the beautiful blue sky. I see two clouds in the form of lazy balls. How nice! It smells good, the water feels fresh, and the children laugh in the distance. I am lying on my jacket, the sun fondles me very softly, and the wind caresses my face lightly. It seems that nature is touching me with its invisible fingers. If I were alone, I think I woul be completely naked. What a delight it would be!
The guitar in my head sounds better and better. What a good group I hear. I am very grateful that my right ear is no longer covered — it was before. The song ends, and another equally stupendous one follows. I feel the wind again, the sun, the blue sky, the lazy clouds. The music turned me, and I see the grass jungle in front of my eyes. A small ant, like a head of a pin is still caressing its legs. There is no anxiety, and there is no time, there is no need to arrive, they are not waiting for me, I do not think, I feel and enjoy. The moment is so sublime that even the smallest animals thoroughly enjoy it. What a delightful moment I lived, I did not pay; they did not charge me. The air, the sensations, everything is included in the package of life.

What a delight it is to be alive.


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